Vehicle Checklist Before Driving Exam

AUG 13, 2020

Vehicle Checklist Before Driving Exam -


Use the checklist below to determine if your vehicle is safe for examination purposes.

Your vehicle will be disqualified for testing if it is deemed to be unsafe, following the list below. If this occurs, you will need to reschedule your driving test for another time.


  •    -License plates, as required, with valid registration.
  •    -The windshield must be a clear, unobstructed view, and no cracks allowed.
  •    -Driver and passenger doors must be operating properly.
  •    -Seat belt must be secure, fastens properly (shoulder and lap if equipped.)
  •    -Tires must be properly inflated with adequate tread and no missing lug nuts on wheels.
  •    -Lights and lenses must be none broken all operate (head, brake, signals, hazards.) Lens repair tape permitted if proper color.
  •    -The Rearview and outside left side mirror must be secure and not broken.
  •    -Front seats: free of debris (oil, food, wetness), operational and not broken.
  •    -The glove box must be closed, with no loose articles that may create a hazard.
  •    -The exhaust system must be secure, no leaks, smelled, seen, or heard.
  •    -The brake and accelerator pedal must be confident, properly adjusted, and operable.
  •    -Dashboard warning lights must be none activated, with no safety concerns.
  •    -No fluid leaks, no dripping oil, coolant, transmission fluid, etc.
  •    -Horn operational.
  •    -Speedometer operational.


If weather conditions are wet or cold:

  •    - Heater and defroster must be operable windows must roll up windshield wipers, and washers must be operable and have washer fluid


If weather conditions are extremely hot:

  •    -Front windows must operate properly.