Louisiana OMV driving test, LA drivers license, CDL, motorcycle practice test

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LA Driver Practice Test

LA Driver Practice Test

this test contains questions that are similar to ones that will appear on the actual Louisiana OMV test and will help you pass your Louisiana Drivers's permit test with flying colors.

LA Motorcycle Practice Test

LA Motorcycle Practice Test

learn everything you need to know to ride a motorbike. Get ready to your OMV's written test to obtain your Louisiana motorcycle license.

LA CDL Practice Test

LA CDL Practice Test

be well prepared for your CDL test. Get familiar with all the questions to get your Louisiana commercial driver license.

How Driver-Start can help you to get your Louisiana Driver's permit?

Multiple platforms

Louisiana Driver's permit test online

Go Online

You can practice on Driver-Start.com/louisiana whenever you connected to the internet on any device. Our web site is compatible with all modern browsers.
Download Louisiana Driver Start App

Download Louisiana Driver Start App

Keep learning OMV road rules wherever you are with our awesome applications on your mobile device.

Multiple ways of learning of OMV Louisiana

Individual approach.
Louisiana road rules theory can be learn and memorized by Louisiana OMV's flash cards or OMV Louisiana's list of questions option or both. Choose whatever options works best for you. Become better driver in Louisiana.
Unlimited practice test.
You can challenge your knowledge of theory by our OMV Louisiana's mock test or OMV Louisiana's marathon test for unlimited times for free. More you challenge yourself more you will learn Louisiana OMV's driving rules.
Read PDF Louisiana OMV's manual
Reading OMV's manual gives you understanding of all main principles and rules of driving in Louisiana state. We suggest to read a Louisiana OMV's manual for better results and better understanding of what driving is.
Be ready to PASS your final Louisiana OMV Driver's Permit Test!

Be ready to PASS your final Louisiana OMV Driver's Permit Test!

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Louisiana Guide to Obtaining Various Classes of Driver License

Automobile License

If you are new to Louisiana and have been living there for more than 30 days; or you are a Louisiana resident who has never held a driver license, you are required to obtain DL to drive vehicles on the state roads legally. This rule doesn’t apply to:

  • U.S. Armed Forces members who are driving on duty and their families provided they have a license issued in another state;
  • non-resident students when holding both a student ID card and DL issued in their home state;
  • non-residents having their DL issued in another U.S. state and operating a car in Louisiana for no more than 90 days;
  • people driving farm implements.

In most cases, to operate a usual passenger car or minivan, you need to obtain a Class D license.

First, applicants must provide documents showing their full name, date of birth, lawful status, SSN, and residency. Minors have to add an application signed by their parents/guardians supported by parents’/guardians’ identifications. Also, the completion of a driver education course is required. Note that Class D license can be issued only when the applicant turns 17. For minors, there is the state Graduated licensing program that allows applying for a learner’s permit from 15.

To earn the permit, minors must complete required in-class and behind-the-wheel instruction within the driver’s education course. Then, they have to undergo a vision screening and a driver license permit test. The test is computer-based and requires answering at least 80% of the test questions correctly.

While holding the permit, minors can practice supervised driving for at least 6 months and after reaching the age of 16, they can move on to receiving an intermediate license. It is necessary to submit a signed statement about an obtained driving experience and to pass a road examination. When you are 17 and provided you have successfully passed the permit and intermediate stages, a full driver license is issued.

Motorcycle License

There is no separate class of license for motorcycles in Louisiana, but an endorsement that can be added to your existing DL. To get it, an applicant has to undergo usual testing: an eye examination and a motorcycle pre-driving test. Before the testing, it is necessary to pay $12 endorsement fee and submit a corresponding application and identifying documents If you pass the tests, you will be admitted to motorcycle skills exam, which can be skipped provided you have completed a motorcycle safety course approved by the state.

Commercial Driver’s License

Applicants who are planning to operate commercial vehicles need to be at least 18 and to hold a valid driver license issued in Louisiana. In addition to DL and SSN, a completed physical with medical examiner’s certificate and a document proving vehicle insurance are required. You must pay $15 fee and undergo a certain number of knowledge tests depending on the class of vehicle you are going to operate. Then, CLP is issued giving you the possibility to train on the state’s roads legally before your road examination. The exam cannot be taken until 14 days after CLP issuance. When you are ready for the testing, you must pass the skills test and then you can obtain your Louisiana CDL.

When preparing for your knowledge examinations, use Driver-Start.com learning opportunities to speed up and facilitate the process. There are two options for learning methods to choose from depending on your preference, and both are available online without registration. Also, Driver Start offers the opportunity to take permit test online to check your level of knowledge and to improve it. The same options are available through our app that is compatible with most mobile devices. App Store and Google Play.



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