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Helpful Tips in Addition to CDL practice test: How to Stay Awake While Driving

APR 27, 2017

The task of staying awake while driving long distances is particular challenging for commercial drivers, especially long-haul drivers, who often drive at night and don’t have proper rest during the haul. Reading the driver’s handbook before your CDL practice test, you can find out the dramatic statistics on fall-asleep accidents in your state or across the U.S.
For example, the California CDL Handbook cites NHTSA reports telling about 100,000 fall-asleep accidents annually. According to NHTSA, 15% of all heavy trucks accidents are caused by fatigue, while more than half of fatal casualties among long-haul drivers involve drowsy driving. The statistics are especially telling for those drivers, who are going to pass the CDL HazMat practice test, since accidents with hazardous materials may lead to more global and dramatic effects. That’s why some handbooks for CDL permit practice test include specific sections discussing reasons of fatigue and lack of alertness, as well as give recommendations on preventing drowsiness and maintaining alertness while driving. And if you bother to take any free CDL practice test, you may stumble across similar questions, which you need to answer correctly to pass the exam. So, let’s find out more about these tips that can help you in your future work.

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10 Helpful Reminders for the DMV Written Test

APR 18, 2017

Certainly, you can borrow the driver’s handbook the DMV written test from your friend or relative, but how can you be sure it is still valid? The handbooks are updated from time to time, and if your friend passed the DMV written test last year, the traffic rules in your state could be changed since then

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Answers from Learners Permit Test: How to Adjust Vehicle Side Mirrors?

APR 04, 2017

If you have already started studying for the driving license exam, you may read the driver’s handbook sections on how to get your vehicle ready for riding – and there are some requirements on observance, you have to comply with. Observance is basically provided by vehicle windows and mirrors, including side-view mirrors, which are located outside the car. You can find some questions about using the mirrors in the practice knowledge test, but this article is focused on practical advice on how to correctly adjust them.

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This is Why an Applicant May Fail the DMV Exam and How to Avoid Failure

MAR 28, 2017

Most people got the idea of traffic rules long before they would apply for a driver's license. Certainly, as a kid, you rode in a car with your parents and asked them what some road signs meant and why your daddy needed to use turn signals before performing turning a maneuver.

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10 Myths and Facts about Sobering up Quickly

MAR 17, 2017

Coffee helps to sober up quickly No way. The truth is that caffeine can give you an energy boost and in some sense it affects the nervous system in the opposite way to that of alcohol that depresses the nervous system. So, a cup of coffee can make you feel better and stay awake, but it has nothing to do with reducing your blood alcohol content, which depends on the amount of alcohol that was absorbed from your mouth, esophagus, intestines and stomach.

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DMV License Renewal Straight From the Source

MAR 09, 2017

I faced the problem of renewing my driver’s license much earlier than I might expect, since I knew that in California (where I was living at the time) driver’s licenses were issued for 5 years. But the fact is that I obtained the driver’s license while being an international student who was studying at a local university. Thus, when applying for the driver’s license in a local DMV office, I brought my international passport with I-94 form, I-20 form from the university and other verifying documents, which stated that I was eligible to stay in the USA for 2 years. So, since I obtained the driver’s license almost a year after my arrival in the United States, it was issued for a year – until the date when my visa would expire.

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8 recommendations on passing sharp turns: what your study guide for the permit test doesn’t tell

FEB 28, 2017

If you have already started to study for your permit test, you might notice that there is quite poor information about passing sharp turns though almost each state study guide for permit test contains a chapter about turns. In most cases the permit test handbooks cover regular traffic rules and safe driving practices like signals a driver has to show prior to turning or a position a vehicle must take before making the maneuver. Though the manuals for DMV test vary a little from state to state, it is unlikely that you will find useful recommendations on passing sharp turns during your study for written exam. That’s why we collect some practical suggestions given by experienced drivers – they go a bit further than a standard permit test manual does.

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All You Need to Know About Permit Test Questions

FEB 17, 2017

DMV Permit Test Questions Overview. Each person, who is going to obtain a driver’s license, is interested in details of passing DMV tests. As you know, there are two of them and the first one is a knowledge test, which is often called a learner’s permit exam, since after passing it an applicant gets a learner’s permit. The test is usually held in a written or a computer-based form, and an applicant is supposed to answer a certain number of permit test questions correctly to pass the exam.

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Question From a DMV Driving Permit Test: What Should You Do If Dazzled By High Beams Of an Oncoming Car?

FEB 09, 2017

What Can You Learn About Using High Beams While Studying For Your DMV Learners Permit Test

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Practice Your Permit Test and Learn More about Braking Techniques

JAN 25, 2017

When studying for your permit practice test and reading the driver’s manual, you can notice that it contains poor information about braking techniques, though provides several examples of using various methods of slowing down a vehicle under different situations.

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