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5 Critical Tips on Driving Big Cars Safely and Easily

OCT 03, 2018

Are you enjoying big cars? Then read the article to enjoy them even more.
5 Critical Tips on Driving Big Cars Safely and Easily -
One of the benefits of big cars is that you can enjoy plenty of space in your driver’s seat. The problem is to fill this space correctly, though in modern vehicles you get many opportunities to customize the driver’s seat as you wish.

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Step-by-Step Guide on Driving Stick Shifts

SEP 05, 2018

Let’s fill the gap with Driver Start experts so that you can enjoy time-honored stick shifts like your fathers (or grandpas) did.
Step-by-Step Guide on Driving Stick Shifts -
While the sales of manual cars in the USA have been decreasing significantly since the 90s, stick shifts are still popular in European and Asian countries, especially in developing economies, which is often explained by the price. Undeniably, vehicles with manual transmission are usually cheaper than automatics, but this is hardly the only reason for choosing a manual car. Experts and auto enthusiasts hold that driving a manual vehicle allows the driver to gain a completely new experience that is appreciated by drivers. They highlight the fact that many powerful sports cars come with manual transmissions and this is done for a reason – you can better feel the car and the speed while gaining full control over the gears. For the same reason, driving a manual car can be safer in winter with its slippery roads, but this also depends on your driving skills.

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5 Don’ts Shared by Auto Mechanics – Never Do This to Your Car

AUG 08, 2018

Ignoring your Check Engine Oil light is a sure way to ditch your car or, to be more exact, to make its engine break down.
5 Don’ts Shared by Auto Mechanics – Never Do This to Your Car -
Engine oil is a key factor in the lubrication system for your motor, which serves to aid the mechanical parts of the engine, reducing friction and providing cooling. Therefore, the untimely oil replacement leads to increased wear and heating up of the engine, negatively affecting its performance and resulting in its breakdown. And the engine repair or replacement involves heavy expenses amounting to thousands of dollars – is it worth the time and money saved by waiting to get your oil changed?

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Failing Permit Test: Steps to Retake Your Written Exam

JUN 06, 2018

Are you one of those unlucky applicants who fail to pass the knowledge test?
Failing Permit Test: Steps to Retake Your Written Exam -
Don’t feel stupid, since this is quite a common problem. Actually, failing the permit test is not a disaster and you have a chance to get everything right by retaking the exam. So, gather your spirits and start taking steps that will bring you to the desired goal.

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How to Fail the DMV Written Test Through Bad Study Habits

JUN 05, 2018

Have you heard about the woman who managed to fail her driver’s test 960 times?
How to Fail the DMV Written Test Through Bad Study Habits -
We doubt you would like to beat her record, but you can still find yourself among those people who failed their written tests at the DMV. By the way, there are quite a number of them, so failure to get a passing score is a real risk, especially for those applicants who didn’t bother to develop good study habits. Maybe, you are one of them, but you have some time to change the situation for the better. Read about bad study habits leading to failures and find out how to replace them with good ones.

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Is Lane Splitting Legal Anywhere in the US?

JUN 01, 2018

Lane Splitting federal regulations and state regulations, how to find out whether you can or can't do lane splitting in your state and more.
Is Lane Splitting Legal Anywhere in the US? -
Lane splitting should be understood as driving a two-wheel motorcycle between lanes or rows of traffic that are moving slowly in the same direction. Also, the term refers to riding between rows of stopped vehicles heading in the same direction. The practice is sometimes called filtering or whitelining, as well as there can be some other names since the practice is rather widespread across the world. Most European and Asian countries allow lane splitting, while in Australia, for example, it is legal only in some provinces.

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Motorcycle Helmets in California: How to Ride Legally

MAY 29, 2018

Do you always wear your helmet when riding a motorcycle? According to a study released by NOPUS, safety helmets were used by 64% of motorcyclists across the United States in 2014. However, the figures are significantly higher for those states that have specific laws requiring using helmets, compared to those which do not. But to which group does California belong? Is it mandatory to be helmeted in your state each time you ride a motorcycle? Let’s delve into this issue to learn about all aspects, starting with your safety and moving up to legal responsibility!
Motorcycle Helmets in California: How to Ride Legally -
It seems there’s no end to the battles around bikers’ safety helmets between NHTSA and local governments. While NHTSA insists on tightening the laws to improve road safety and to reduce mortality rates among motorcyclists, state authorities try to retain some freedom of choice for motorcycle operators and their passengers. NHTSA’s viewpoint is quite clear and based on sad statistics: head injuries are proven to be a leading cause of fatalities in motorcycle road accidents. According to NHTSA, helmet use can reduce road casualty rates by 37% and prevent 67% of brain injuries, thus saving several thousand lives annually, not to mention a few more thousand saved from disability.

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Is a License Required To Ride An Electric Bike?

MAY 07, 2018

Electric bike federal regulations, electric bikes state regulations, how to find out whether you need a license to ride an electric bike and more.
Is a License Required To Ride An Electric Bike? -
Mopeds, scooters, electric bikes—there are a variety of options to choose from if you are searching for an alternative to a traditional motorcycle. As consumers, we usually make our choices based on price, speed, dimensions, maintenance costs and other factors, but we should also bear in mind our safety and legal responsibility. One way or another, all the above-mentioned examples are means of transportation, as well as road users, and thus they fall under traffic rules and other requirements associated with vehicles like licensing, registration, plates, insurance, etc. What?! Does all this stuff have something to do with electric bikes?!

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Can Lane Filtering Cut Down on Rear-Enders?

APR 24, 2018

It seems that the legalization of lane filtering, also known as lane splitting, is one of the most cherished dreams of motorcycle operators in the United States. While California remains the only state where filtering is officially allowed since 2016, in some other states legalizing bills are already filed and many riders do believe that things are about to change.
Can Lane Filtering Cut Down on Rear-Enders? -
Actually, lane filtering is a common practice in many Asian countries, where motorcycles are numerous and make up a significant part of the traffic. Large urban areas in India, Indonesia or Thailand are famous for their dense traffic, stuffed with all kinds of vehicles from bicycles and horse-drawn vehicles to trucks and buses. However, little attention is paid to the safety of lane filtering in those developing countries, and the practice is allowed for convenience rather than for safety reasons.

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Lifesaving Tips on Reducing Risks of Car Accidents While Driving

MAR 15, 2018

As of 2016, NHTSA reported about 5.6% rise in deadly car crashes compared to 2015. More than 37 thousand people were killed on US roads, kicking the country back to the naughtiest after the years of improvements in fatal car accident statistics. Distracted and impaired driving, speeding and not wearing seatbelts are still among the most common causes of the fatalities, but NHTSA tries to look further, researching pre-crash scenarios to minimize risks of car accidents and to prevent associated deaths, injuries and property damages.
Lifesaving Tips on Reducing Risks of Car Accidents While Driving -
Based on the latest NHTSA findings, we marked out some of the pre-crash scenarios posing threats of both major and minor car accidents, especially when it comes to novice drivers. And we collected helpful recommendations on driving in various road situations, using both traffic regulations set out in driver’s manuals and advice of professional driving instructors. This article will help you develop good driving habits that can save your life and lives of other people, not to mention your money and property.

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