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Lifesaving Tips on Reducing Risks of Car Accidents While Driving

MAR 15, 2018

As of 2016, NHTSA reported about 5.6% rise in deadly car crashes compared to 2015. More than 37 thousand people were killed on US roads, kicking the country back to the naughtiest after the years of improvements in fatal car accident statistics. Distracted and impaired driving, speeding and not wearing seatbelts are still among the most common causes of the fatalities, but NHTSA tries to look further, researching pre-crash scenarios to minimize risks of car accidents and to prevent associated deaths, injuries and property damages.
Lifesaving Tips on Reducing Risks of Car Accidents While Driving -
Based on the latest NHTSA findings, we marked out some of the pre-crash scenarios posing threats of both major and minor car accidents, especially when it comes to novice drivers. And we collected helpful recommendations on driving in various road situations, using both traffic regulations set out in driver’s manuals and advice of professional driving instructors. This article will help you develop good driving habits that can save your life and lives of other people, not to mention your money and property.

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8 Don’ts after a Car Accident

MAR 09, 2018

For a novice driver, it is appalling to get into any car accident, even if it is a minor one, like scratching somebody’s car. And it is even more shocking to get into a car crash with people injured – this is a serious test for all drivers, regardless of their experience.
8 Don’ts after a Car Accident -
When under pressure, you can easily forget about everything written in drivers’ manuals, including the actions a driver should take following an accident. You can do some stupid things that will result in your arrest, penalties, lawsuits, and many other troubles. To avoid such a scenario, read about the dos and don’ts after a car accident.

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Which Drugs to Avoid When Taking the Wheel

FEB 12, 2018

People use drugs for a great variety of reasons, including allergic reactions, cold-related diseases, stresses, depressions, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases (including high blood pressure), headaches and so on. But are they aware of how these drugs can affect their driving abilities?
Which Drugs to Avoid When Taking the Wheel -

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6 Funny Tips on How to Get Out of Speeding Tickets

DEC 28, 2017

Have you already passed your DMV permit test? Congrats! Now you’ve got your well-deserved permit to cruise on public roads while mastering your driving skills and preparing for your driver's license test. But did you forget about something?
6 Funny Tips on How to Get Out of Speeding Tickets -
When learning your Driver’s Manual and taking your learner’s permit practice test, you might stumble across questions about learner’s permit suspension. Do you remember them? Yes, your permit can be suspended, and you will need to pass your learner’s permit test again, or you won’t be admitted to your road exam within a standard period of time – you may face many troubles if caught violating traffic rules and learner’s permit restrictions when having your behind-the-wheel training.

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6 Facts You Need to Know About Sobriety Checkpoints

DEC 13, 2017

While proceeding according to your driving test schedule, get to know the real-life situations you can face on public roads and be prepared to act adequately.
6 Facts You Need to Know About Sobriety Checkpoints -
One of the situations is an inspection at sobriety checkpoints you can stumble across when having your behind-the-wheel practice or even taking your driving skills exam. If you don’t want to fail the road test or, what is more, to be arrested and charged, you need to understand what to expect. Here is our brief FAQ on the topic:

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Step-by-Step Guide on Receive a Traffic Ticket

NOV 29, 2017

Being a novice driver, you can have rather vague ideas about what to do when receiving a traffic ticket, even if you have just learned the driver’s license laws for your DMV exams. Here is your helpful guide on the practical steps you need to take in order to avoid the most unpleasant scenario.
Step-by-Step Guide on Receive a Traffic Ticket -

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Driving With Children – Essential Road Safety Tips

OCT 27, 2017

Road Safety Tips for Drivers Based on NHTSA Studies According to NHTSA, about 1,000 minors under 14 get killed in car crashes each year. And most of them (over 700 people) die in cars, while more than 150,000 kids are injured. These statistics are scary, and they are even more devastating since many of these fatalities and injuries were avoidable – if only adults were more responsible and focused on road safety rules.
Driving With Children – Essential Road Safety Tips -
Think, for instance, of restraints. Based on an NHTSA report, 37% of those kids, who didn’t survive the accident, were unrestrained. And this despite the fact that NHTSA statistics indicate strongly that use of children safety seats reduce the mortality rate by 71% for infants and by 54% for toddlers under 4 years. Even for children occupying the front seat, the mortality reduces by 45% provided they use seat belts. Let’s recollect what traffic rules tell us about restraints and what safety experts recommend in this regard.

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10 Driving Habits That Wreck Your Car and Drain Your Wallet

OCT 19, 2017

Dangerous Driving Impacts Your Car When speaking of reckless driving, we usually mean an aggressive style some drivers assume for driving faster and cooler (at least they seem to believe it).
10 Driving Habits That Wreck Your Car and Drain Your Wallet -
This dangerous driving often results in collisions and other kinds of traffic accidents leading to damage, injuries, and even deaths. But in fact, some unobvious bad driving habits can result in both wrecking your car and risking your life, and you will hardly be happy to spend a fortune on changing and repairing parts and units that could last longer. So, we are here to tell you about bad habits you should quit and to give you some tips on good driving habits you should form instead.

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How to Become a Truck Driver If You Have No Driver’s License At All

OCT 12, 2017

First, you need to know that you won’t be able to get a truck driver license without obtaining a regular DL (which is usually a Class D license).
How to Become a Truck Driver If You Have No Driver’s License At All -
Thus, you have to take the following steps to receive the license:

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Top 20 Safe Driving Tips

OCT 06, 2017

In this article, we collected some little-known driving tips and obvious recommendations based on traffic rules, which help improve your driving skills and provide higher safety on the road.
Top 20 Safe Driving Tips -

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