All You Need to Know About Permit Test Questions

APR 13, 2022

All You Need to Know About Permit Test Questions -

DMV Permit Test Questions Overview

Each person, who is going to obtain a driver’s license, is interested in details of passing DMV tests. As you know, there are two of them and the first one is a knowledge test, which is often called a learner’s permit exam since after passing it an applicant gets a learner’s permit. The test is usually held in a written or a computer-based form, and an applicant is supposed to answer a certain number of permit test questions correctly to pass the exam.

Since each state has its own rules and requirements, the number of DMV permit test questions varies greatly. For instance, in the State of New York, in Massachusetts and Maryland, an applicant is offered only 20 questions, while in California their number reaches 36 and in Florida and Nevada, the test covers 50 questions. But most of the states have 25 driving license exam questions, though there can be an additional part of questions about road signs. For example, in Virginia, an applicant is required to answer all 10 questions about road signs correctly in the first part of the test, and only then he or she are allowed to move to the second part. In California the number of DMV written test questions depends on the applicant’s age and his/her status: minors are required to pass the test answering 48 questions, adults – 36 if they obtain a driver’s license for the first time and 18 if they renew their licenses. As for passing score, it makes up 80% on the average, but, at the same time, varies from 70% in Massachusetts, New Mexico, New York, and Texas to 85% in Idaho, Maryland, and Virginia.

Regardless of their number, all the DMV permit test questions are based on state driver’s handbooks and manuals that are available on official DMV web-sites (14 states has other names than Department of Motor Vehicle for their departments responsible for driver’s license issue, for example, DPS or BMV). Generally, the questions cover:

  • road signs and signals
  • traffic rules
  • pavement markings
  • save driving practices
  • alcohol and drug awareness issues
  • other factors affecting a driver and road situation
  • special circumstances and emergency situations
  • the state point system and record information
  • laws and related issues.

Where to Find Permit Test Questions and Answers?

Though DMVs state that all the permit test questions and answers are based on the information from their handbooks and manuals, applicants can hardly be satisfied with this without having a look at the samples. Indeed, it would be much easier for the applicants to get prepared to the test and to pass it if they had a list of learner's permit test questions and answers. Unfortunately, the best thing they can count on is some review questions and answers in a driver’s handbook or some sample tests given on a DMV web-site. No other official information about driving test questions and answers are given, but there is always some way out.

On the Internet, there are quite a lot of web-resources offering driving test questions and answers to satisfy the needs of the applicants starving for knowledge. They can be divided into several groups:

  • amateur web-resources, where users share their knowledge to help each other;
  • specialized web-resources providing sample permit tests for free or on a paid basis.

The first type is rather useful when you want to learn about firsthand experience or to ask questions about the details of passing the exam or to get some practical recommendations. But their collections of DMV permit practice test questions and answers are usually quite poor compared to those of specialized web-resources and they don’t provide any special software or applications for training.

The second type is more interesting, as there you can not only read driving test questions and answers but practice in passing the test under close-to-real conditions. You are given multiple-choice answers and you tick them off while getting explanations which answer is correct and why. Usually, these web-resources have their sample tests divided by states and even by license classes, so they offer many more opportunities to get really prepared for the test. But you can’t be sure that their sample tests are based on current permit test questions, though it is not so much important until you are not going to learn them by heart.