10 Helpful Reminders for the DMV Written Test

MAY 01, 2023

10 Helpful Reminders for the DMV Written Test -
Certainly, you can borrow the driver’s handbook the DMV written test from your friend or relative, but how can you be sure it is still valid? The handbooks are updated from time to time, and if your friend passed the DMV written test last year, the traffic rules in your state could be changed since then

Do You Use the Valid Handbook for the DMV Written Test?

Certainly, you can borrow the driver’s handbook for the DMV written test from your friend or relative, but how can you be sure it is still valid? The handbooks are updated from time to time, and if your friend passed the DMV written test last year, the traffic rules in your state could be changed since then. And do remember that each state has its own driver’s handbook and sometimes the rules differ a lot, so it will be stupid to learn them from the California handbook when you are going to pass the DMV permit test in Montana. Thus, make sure to download the current driver’s handbook from the official DMV website of your state, the more so they are available in all states.

Choose Your Language for Taking the Permit Written Test

If you are an alien and your English is rather poor, don’t hesitate to use language options available in your state. Many states provide the driver’s handbook for the permit written test in several languages. For example, from a California DMV website you can download the handbook in Spanish, Arabic, Hindi, Russian and 9 other languages, while the permit written test can be taken in one out of 31 languages, not to mention American Sign Language. Also, in many states you can apply for an interpreter for free, making the corresponding appointment in advance. So search for the information on your state website and use the available options to reduce the risk of failing just because you misunderstand something.

Do Learn for Your Written Driving Test

Do you really believe that it is enough to read the driver’s handbook once for getting prepared for your written driving test? If you do, you are very likely to fall into a category of those applicants who fail the DMV's driver's license testing on the first try. It is clear that most of us aren’t very much excited about cramming, but you don’t really need to cram. Use special tools for learning knowledge test in the form of flashcards, lists of questions and answers, topic questions and so on. Such tools are available on the Internet along with driver license written test practice and can be introduced in the form of apps you can download on your smartphone or tablet. It is much more exciting to learn traffic rules for the driver’s license exam in the interactive form than just cramming.

Take Driver License Written Test Practice

Any driver license written test practice is very useful for several reasons. First of all, it gives you a great chance to understand the format of testing: the way questions are formulated, the choice of answers, the time you spend on reading and answering, etc. Elaborated drivers license exam practice creates exactly the conditions you will face during the real exam. So, while practicing, you will get accustomed to the format and you will feel more comfortable with taking the DMV's driver knowledge examination. Besides, taking the knowledge test practice, you will be able to monitor your progress in learning. You will reveal gaps in your knowledge and will be able to make things better by going over some topics again and again. 

Go to the Driver’s License Exam When You Are Really Ready

Don’t go to the permit written test just because some of your friends have already passed it or they invited you to come along. Make the appointment only when you are really prepared. How can you find out that you are ready? If you follow our advice and have some practice, you can objectively assess the level of your knowledge. Can you score the required number of correct answers while practicing? If you take the practice test several times and score more than needed each time, then you are ready for the real exam.

Collect All You Need for the DMV's Driver Knowledge Examination

This has nothing to do with the level of your knowledge, but still, you won’t be able to pass the DMV learner’ permit exam without boring things like collecting documents, paying fees, making an appointment and so on. Special attention is required if you are a minor, as there are additional requirements related to minors in all the states.Make sure you read all the DMV’s requirements and can meet them since otherwise you just won’t be allowed to the testing.

Manage Your Time During DMV Permit Test

Keep in mind that you can skip difficult questions regardless of whether you take a written or a computer-based DMV exam. The tip is to quickly answer easy questions when you know the correct answer for sure. Just move to the next question leaving the challenging ones until later, and go back to them only when all easy questions are answered. When you take the DMV written test in the computer-based form, you may not need to answer difficult questions at all, provided you score the necessary number of correct answers. If the exam is taken in the written form, don’t take chances and answer all the questions in the best possible manner.

Hold Your Horses While Taking the DMV Knowledge Test

Don’t go to extremes– don’t waste your time, but don’t rush either! Read each question at least twice to be sure you understand the meaning and carefully compare the answers, which look very similar. Sometimes, the devil is in the details and you may give a wrong answer just missing some subtle difference. Take your time, especially when you are not sure of an answer.

How to Guess Right When Taking the Written Driving Test?

The DMV test features multiple-choice from when several answers are given to choose the correct one from them. If some questions puzzle you and you really don’t know the correct answer, try to guess right taking into account some regularities. For example, longer and more detailed options turn out to be correct rather often, so if you hesitate which answer to choose, pick up the one that looks more specific. 
Another trick: when you have to choose with your eyes shut, tick the second answer, if there are four options, and choose the last one, in case there are five options. Some enthusiast researchers found out that those options are very likely to be correct.

How to Relax Before Your DMV's Driver's License Testing? 

Sometimes, applicants fail the DMV examination just because they are too nervous or tired. So, follow the simple rules:

  • Sleep well before the exam.
  • Feed your body and brain with healthy food (high-protein, low-carb) and drink enough water.
  • Don’t drink too much coffee, but take with you something calming like lavender essential oil.
  • Don’t rush through the driver’s handbook in a DMV office during last minutes before the testing, since such passive learning will do no good. You’d better train your memory imaging road signs, traffic rules and other things from your practice test.
  • Breathe deeply if you feel your heart starts beating like crazy and you need to ease your nerves.
  • Be positive about your testing (in any case, you can re-take the exam and it’s not the end of the world).